Services we offer:

Display Advertising

Our Display Advertising converts! We not only deliver visually attracting banners but also the best matching environments for your brand messages. Codipa Marketing SL is an expert with performance driven campaigns and that’s also how we want our clients to measure performance against us as your supplier.

Google & Social

We at Codipa love what we do. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other services are part of our life and we’re professional users since the very first minute. We not only understand how Social Media works, we really breath it with everything we do on the internet. And we want our clients to benefit from that.

Mobile Advertising

75% of internet consumption happens mobile! New formats for advertisment are introduced by publishers almost weekly and Codipa Marketing keeps up with this fast beating industry. We’re not afraid of trial and error and are more then happy to share our experiences with our clients. Don’t miss your chance to participate of this knowledge and contact us for an offer.

Newsletter Marketing

Often not treated with appropriate care, Newsletter Marketing is still an existing and very well working tool to complete a 360 degrees marketing experience. We’re understanding newsletters as a tool to keep customers up to speed with individual messaging.